Welcome to the SONE WikiaEdit

Dedicated to South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.

This wikia aims to provide a place to share information of Girls' Generation and SONE, for when the inevitable world dawns the new age and oceans floods in prideful luminescent (pastel) pink. This is thee place to go!


This wikia is a work in progress.

We are looking for any small or big level of contributors who are able to provide the following across the site;

  • Archive Content (AC): To focus on information of over six months with as much accuracy you can when you can, preferably in the already established format.
  • Current Content (CC): To focus on information within six months with full accuracy and sources, particularly to fill blank pages. Format can be adjusted later.

Willing contributors can oversee the progress of a page through an assigned tag. Much like an admin, they will be responsible of establishing format, accuracy and consistency as well as anything else that may be needed.

Updates, fixes, or changes that other contributors are unsure of can be directed to the respective admins.

Status of Pages Edit

Girls' Generation (no admin)

Radio (Waggentouff)

  • 2007-2015 needs confirmation of completed list and accuracy.

TV (Waggentouff)

Movies (Waggentouff)

  • Most likely missing few cameo and smaller support roles.

Other Help Needed Edit

As well with contributors, people with any other sets of skills are welcome to contact us. We ask in favor for these listed to get in touch:

  • Code design: knowledge of java or similar language to organise and adjust the site for better readability.
  • Media management: sourcing appropriate media to aid pages with visual design (high resolution).
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